Metal Welding



Classroom Project​


12 Weeks



A combination of two stools designed with the idea of function follows form, yes you read it right. After being saturated with ID projects one after the other, I needed to create something that would push me to go out of my comfort zone and learn something new, and hence I decided to take a class in the sculpture department. My love for exploring different materials combined with Furniture resulted in these two stools that took me on a path that I cherish till date and opened my eyes to what was possible if one dreamed to do something different.

Stool 1.png
Stool 2.png
Stool 3 copy23-01.png
Stool 4.png


The process started with making scale models with aluminum filler rods and moving up to full-scale models. The full-scale models are made out of 1/4 inch round stock hot rolled steel. Early on I started stress testing these structures for stability and weight such that they would be able to withstand at least 250 pounds. The seat part was constructed using 1/4 inch thick hot rolled steel and stays in place with metal tabs welded on to the frame structure. 


Both the stools were powder coated to have a hammer tone finish on the frame while the seats were powder coated to have a matte finish to complement the frame.


Stool 5.png