Furniture Design for San Francisco Design Week



Classroom Project​


06 Weeks



The brief of this project was to design three furniture pieces, chairs/stools in particular for San Francisco Design Week. These furniture pieces would be placed inside a pop-up lounge during the San Francisco Design Week.


The Droid stool is inspired by the famous droids of Star Wars Series by George Lucas. It is a lesser known fact that the Star Wars series was written by George Lucas in San Francisco, and hence is very iconic to this city. The metal rods represent the arms/legs of the droids and the form of the stool itself represents the body of the droid.

This stool would be manufactured using rotational molding. The overall stool could have multiple finishes like plastic or the overall body covered in leather. The metal rods would be powder coated to get the desired colors and finishes.

Final Models


The Angle chair is inspired by the wooden planks that can be found around the piers of San Francisco and is meant to be used as a deck chair.

This chair would be manufactured using only wood as the primary material. All the joints can be either wooden joints or metal screws could be used as well. DIfferent types of hardwood such as walnut, pine, oak could be used to achieve different natural finishes as well as plywood could be used to attain a cheaper manufacturing cost.

Final Models


The nautical stool is inspired by the wooden stumps used to anchor ships and boats found all along the piers of San Francisco. The fading white color at the top represents the weather in San Francisco. Most of the times the weather is foggy and it partially covers up the buildings as well as the Golden Gate bridge.

This stool would be manufactured using rotational molding. It could have different finishes such as chrome, glossy finish or a matte finish. 

Final Models